Lazer Pepaj – Journalist and Missionary of the future

Lazer Pepaj was born in Shkodra on 9th November 1990. He passed his childhood in Ashte village of Shkodra, where he finished his primary and secondary school. He belongs to a patriotic family and tribe with ancient traditions.
Lazer Pepaj while he was 16, in October of 2007, went to USA where he had three older brothers. He settled in Florida, in Jacksonville. He attended there the high school. In 2009 he returned in Albania, in homeland, to attend the studies in the University “Luigj Gurakuqi” in Shkodra, in the Law Faculty. During this period he administered the business of the family with the label “VP Capital-CO“.
Lazer Pepaj is the youngest of five brothers, but responsible in family life and work as the older ones. He, beside the studies, business, has never neglected his intellectual formation, as part of intellectual elites of Shkodra and Albania. His desire to study and work was rooted by his parents, the father Zef Pepaj and the mother Lene Pepaj. So, the family with its traditions of culture and love for education is not only boost, but also strong support for any initiative in his life. However, Lazer Pepaj as a man that has known the life of immigration since teenage age knows that only a personality with multiple values can face the life successfully in civilized countries like USA. Only a man with overall knowledges can sit with dignity and pride in front of peers of civilized countries. So, conscious for the intellectual values, he is dedicated to the world of knowledge, not only to fulfill his figure as an intellectual person, but also with the desire to represent worthily his country, Albania, towards world democratic civilizations.
Lazer Pepaj, beside the study of the world’s recognition, a big part of his time he dedicates to the business with the desire to ensure his welfare and that of the family, but also with the goal to help somehow the poor people with his work. He has a charitable and missionary soul. Frequent movement in different countries have given him the opportunity to recognize better the life and to see that with the viewpoint of a missionary man, ready to give its contribution to peace and development.
Lazer Pepaj desires to dedicate also to journalistic. With his articles, he approaches and compares different realities, tries to reflect the beautiful image of the homeland, Shkodra, with its cultural and touristic values, in the eyes of the foreigners. Lazer Pepaj wants to see his own country, Albania, in Europe, along the strongest democratic states of the world. With his work as publicist he is now one of the most zealous collaborators of the prestigious magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.
The intellectual Lazer Pepaj has known well the rare values of American democracy and one of his objectives is to lobby to root these values even for the countries in development and those with problems, as the Balkans countries. The fact that he wants to lobby for the values of American democracy has approached him with the intellectual staffs of the intellectual organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, a lobbing mission designed by the prominent former US ambassador Richard Holbrooke. This mission that among other things lobbies to improve the democratic image of the Balkans countries, is part of UN and partner with many world organisms that work for peace and prosperity.
The intellectual Lazer Pepaj as a dedicated missionary toward World Peace now is also honorary advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Endri Hysa
Advisor of DMPP

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