Hymn to man

Notes about the book “I-the Man” of Cham poet Hekuran S. Halili

God, as He created man, gave him wit more than all other creatures. Then he cried the angels and said to them:
-Humble to human, it is one of my most perfect creatures, more knowledgeable in the universe. I have set my vicegerent on Earth.
And angels bowed to human respectfully.
Satan rejected:
-Oh Lord, – he said, – I do not humble to a mortal creature of clay. I’m immortal of grace, of fire.
-Humble! – The Lord ordered. – It is my smartest, knowledgeable creature. Smarter than you.
-No! – The disobedient Satan rejected again.
-Despised be thou forever!- the Lord cursed him and threw away from Paradise, condemning him forever to hell for disobedience.
And since the beginnings of human life, Satan swore to himself to injure man at all costs. And to destroy it, he declared war for life or death this magnificent creature, a fight that continues even today throughout the world, the struggle between Good and Evil. It was the evil war of Satan which deceived the man, pushed him into temptation and lost Paradise and crashed into the whirlpool of this madness that tortures him everywhere and anywhere. So is described in all sacred books the history of the early human life, the subsequent flow of which is the daily effort of Man to survive in the struggle between Good and Evil, that are represented by values and divine virtues, on one hand, embodied in human spirit and the anti-values and evil sins shaped in the image of be away the black-hearted, the plotter Satan to undo mankind.
Good and honest people, extremely sensitive to the danger that threatens more and more to the human figure, worry, get angry, revolt and rebel against the evil and try and sacrifice to save humanity and its values. So human life across the globe, if you notice with the eye of a poet as Hekuran S. Halili is now extremely vulnerable. It seems like the evil is triumphing day after day over good and that the human being, on the verge of destruction and annihilation, has not any importance. And in this situation it needs a lot of sacrifices until the limit over-humanity to save the honest man from the dishonest. This is the reality of life, not just text and sub-text of artistic reality through the poet’s creativity involved at times from great dilemma: “the honest or dishonest will rule the globe?”
If you observe life through the eyes of a sociologist, will conclude: “Man, a death risk! Man doesn’t worth anything! Money over everything! A dog worth more than Man!”
Such conclusions look absurd, but this is the truth of the human daily around the globe.
You often sees through television screens, dogs-gentlemen’ parades accompanied by crooked millionaires on the role of their servants. “To live the animals! Human death!” Sometimes this is what visual media and the presses preach. Don’t you believe it? Be more aware and notice the madness around human!
Equally endangered are human values in the Albanian reality. Precisely this bothers more the poet Hekuran S. Halili, that’s why he has devoted his creations especially to Albanian man.
“Human death!” – scream and rumble the anti-values.
“I, the Man” (Unë-Njeriu)! “Man over everything!” – squawk and cry rightly the world of the poet Hekuran S. Halili, against the devilish flow that is defeating every human value throughout the globe filled with predatory wars and injustice.
Well, not in vain is titled “I – the Man” (Unë-Njeriu) the poetic summary of the poet Hekuran S Halili. This title is not casual, but a logical flow constrained by hard reality that surrounds us, is the very essence of the issue of human survival, is a divine conclusion conveyed in a way of genius to the mind of the poet of a genius, the creator of everything, God .
“The man to rule on Earth!” – was the message of God from the beginning of human life. This tries the poet to reflect in his verses.
So, God gave knowledge to human by his own knowlegde, gave him light by his own light, consecrated him and appointed as a successor on earth, he delegated power on him to live according to the principles and divine laws and not to eat themselves, to transform into a self-eating cannibal and self-murder kamikaze, as it is happening in reality. Despite this evil and satanic state that today rules the world, Hekuran S. Halili, with the wisdom and foresight of an inspired poet by God, returns to human origin and in the tradition of the romantics of Renaissance and evokes the glorious origin, the greatness of the Man creature that even the angels humbled him, Man who should rule the world as a divine sovereign and not as a tyrant Satan.
“I, the Man” (Unë-Njeriu), sings the poet and his song is a hymn to the greatness of the human being, which has a homeland that is called Albania; he has a birthplace, which extends from Chameria unjustly robbed, till Konispol in Saranda, wet lands from the blue waters of the Ionian sea, heated by the life-giving rays of a sun and Mediterranean blessed climate; has a house named “Hekuran S. Halili”, inscribed at the door, and inside it a wonderful family with a rare woman as Bardha, the worthy wife and mother as God has commanded, with children model like Ona and Goni; he has a large kindred with many brothers and sisters, cousins, good and honest people committed to labor; he has a lot of old and new friends, school mate and colleagues, whose mind works for good working, to beautify their lives and that of others and their tourist city, Saranda; this Man has so many things!
Magnanimous poet Hekuran S. Halili is aware of the sanctity and the nobility of the Man creature, so that not unintentional in his poetry gives the role of the subject of life on earth, that role that even the creator has appointed, God, and that the Satanic try to deny. He, at times, through verses identifies his lyric-epic hero, the Man, with himself and does good because he shows to people the etalon of the Being-Man. So, Hekuran starts from himself, from his spiritual and physical riches to go to people who surround him. And so, singing himself, pointing out the values and human and intellectual skills that owns, which never hesitates to honestly put in the service of all those chains that comprise the notion Man: self, family, home, kindred, friendship, friends, hometown, home, homeland, the world, the universe and above all the Lord, the poet Hekuran S. Halili, invites the others to follow his example, to fulfill the Ideal-Man, because only this way they can leave the evil that has flooded everywhere the human life.
A man, as the poet’s hero Hekuran S. Halili, like himself, never leave forgotten his parents, his father and mother, those who were tired, who born him (naturally according to God’s law), that grew him up with hardships, that sent him at school and instructed him to act and behave like their ancestors from generation to generation, to become worthy for himself and his offspring. This attitude is neither a diary keeping, nor enumeration, nor inventory vulgarism, but it is the artistic mirror of the links of that chain that are summarized in a life node and make up the notion Man. So, model Man that leads the path of God to others with his own example. Even Hekurani as human model in life, is trying to create an artistic picture of reality that surrounds it, to remind others that today more than ever need to disclose the values as man and then come the material values and assets that may have accumulated during his life.
More than any kind of property Hekuran, Man and Poet, worries the fact that how to acceptably explain other that was the father Safeti and mother (Nuja) Nazua who have cooked the dough of the Man that is named Hekuran S. Halili. And he succeeded in combining naturally the presence of parental figure with all the other elements of poetry and in full harmony he has given us a poetic volume full of life rhythm and very melodic as a long song with a find and appealing refrain till to magnetism, that occurs in the form of a magnificent hymn for human symbol, an impressive hymn, likeable and solemn like all the hymns, especially as the anthem of motherland and flag, which are among the most holy and most vulnerable in the human world in every corner of the globe.
“The human hymn over all!” – says the poet Hekuran S. Halili in his book “ I- the Man” (Unë-Njeriu), with the great desire that everyone learn such a hymn and become aware of human values that God has given us and that Satanic try by all means to bury.

Shefki Hysa

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