Dr. Madhu Krishan – An international peacebuilder

Dr. Madhu Sakarkandi Krishan was born on 11 January 1962 in Dinglipur, a very small island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. He was grown up in his birth place, in Dinglipur. He took first bases of primary school in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. After that, he went to Madras, mainland of India to carry out his University Engineering Studies. In Madras, he was graduated and post graduated. Anyway, Dr. Madhu Krishan was not enough but he went on with other specializations in different fields even in United States of America. His qualifications are: DD, FICA, SD (USA), and PhD (USA).
After that, Dr. Madhu Krishan has given a valuable help all over the world. He has mainly worked over peace and over projects in the benefit of people and humanism in all corners of the world. To go on helping people, Dr. Madhu, since 1985 has created his humanitarian organizations. Firstly, he established during 1985 the organization for humanism and charity called “Snahalaya Ashram”. Under this organization, he had brought more than 12’000 homeless, needy and deprived children to the mainstream of Society by providing adequate food, clothing, and shelter and quality education up to the Graduation Level. Many of the inmates are now holding high positions in the Government like police officers, Defense officers, University Professors, School Teachers and in other various capacities. Observing this Government of India had nominated the name of Dr. Madhu Krishan for a prestigious Award and Gold medal. This organization already completed 25 years with humanitarian works like dedicated service for the poor and marginalized sections of the remote villages located in India, carrying out Mega Relief Works during the Earthquake and regular floods in Gujarat, Lathur, Pakistan, and Hattie. With his great work, he has been able to help socially and economically weaker sections of the settlements, especially among the poor and other socially backward and underprivileged.
Dr. Madhu Krishan, is also Founder and Chairman of another organization named Academy of Global Universal Peace (AUGP). This new organization is affiliated with United Nations, United Nations Global Compact & European Commission, World Peace Organization, etc. Dr. Madhu Krishan as Chairman of NGOs Federation, with more than 12000 NGOs as members of Federation which do work under the dynamic leadership of him, brought mighty revival among NGOs & transformed them for their active participation in developing their community in their respective geographical areas specially focusing on health, sanitation, water, education, human rights, women and children empowerment. During Tsunami disaster and permanent earthquakes following it, under AUGP, Dr. Madhu built and freely donated about 10’000 resistant houses with community halls to the victims of that disaster. He did others commendable emergency relief & rehabilitation works. For these valuable activities, he was given the Highest Commendation Certificate Award and letter of appreciation by the Chief Secretary of the Govt. of India. Besides these activities, Dr. Madhu went ahead in transforming more and more people as Ambassadors of Peace. He adopted some Universities in India and created the program “Peace Loving – Peace Living – Peace Practicing Community to transform people, mainly students, as Ambassadors of Peace.
For more than two decades of social and spiritual works, transforming multitudes to become effective social community leaders, peace builders, humanitarian workers, change makers, motivators of the global civil society, who contributed to build up – “Peace Loving – Peace Living – Peace Practicing” transformed the culture of global society and Dr. Madhu has been given many deserved top positions all over the world like:
Founder & Chairman of Academy Of Universal Global Peace (Affiliated/Accredited in: United Nations as International Organization, United Nations Global Compact as Global Organization, European Commission, Power Ministry of USA, Under Federal Government of USA – Washington); Goodwill Ambassador for Peace of International Human Rights Commission – USA; Goodwill Ambassador for Peace of SPMUDA GLOBAL – Philippines; Goodwill Ambassador for Peace of FASI – Republic Of Argentina; Honorary President & Goodwill Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity – Albania; Ambassador of The Kingdom of Bunyoro – Kitara (ARKBK) – Uganda; Ambassador of International Blue Cross – United Kingdom; Ambassador of World Parliament of Peace & Security; Member of Asia Pacific Region of IBI (International Intelligence Bureau of Investigation) – Washington USA; Chairman of Islanders’ Shanghatan Munch (United Islanders’ Union – a Union of more than 553 Islands Situated in Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, very near to Thailand & Indonesia, known as Andaman&Nicobar Islands; Founder & Chairman of Snahalaya Ashram (NGO-Non Government Organization, established during 1985; President of Haggai Institute Alumni Association (USA), Andaman & Nicobar Islands Chapter; Chairman of United Christian Council (UCC) & UWB – Asia; Chairman of Asian Peace Foundation; Chairman of Gateway University of Peace; Chairman of Asian Federation (AFIPC); Executive Chairman of Legal Aid Services – LASWEB (Its Chairman is Hon’ble Justice DK Basu); Arbitrator in the Panels of ICA (Indian Council of Arbitrations), FICCI Building – New Delhi, under the Aegis of Ministry of Commerce and; Arbitrator’s Panel of International Council “ICADR” , Vasanth Kunj – New Delhi, under the Aegis of Ministry of Law & Justice; Chairman of TAFVA (Tamilnadu Federation of Voluntarily Agencies) under which more than 12000 NGOs are members; Founder & Chairman of Snahalava Ashram; Founder & Chairman of Academy of Global Universal Peace, etc.
During his work all his life Dr. Madhu has been qualified in the following sections: Eminent Social Reformer and Activist, Environmentalist / Scientist, Educator, Peace Builder, Human Rights and Constitutional Rights Activist, Motivator, Change Maker, Teacher Trainer, Disaster Management Expert, Panel Arbitrator, Legal Aid Expert, Academician, Humanitarian Works Expert, etc.
For all his great work, his contribution and his good will, as acknowledgments, he has been awarded many times as follows:
Humanitarian Awards:
26th January 2006 – Government (Lt. Governors) Commendation Certificate award; 26th February 2004 – The Republic Day of India for The Best Relief & Rehabilitation Works during the tsunami disaster.
National Awards:
2006: Bharath Excellence Award and Gold Medal; 2006: Rashtriva Jewel Award and Gold Medal; 2006: Human Excellence Award and Gold Medal
Andaman and Nicobar Administrator for Durgabai; Deshmukh and Swami Vivekananda Award in the field of Social Work and Consumer Protection Awareness Work.
International Awards: 1997: Best Environmental Engineering Scientist, Glory of India – Award and Gold Medal; 2007: Rising Personality of India – Award & Gold Medal; 2007: Lifetime Achievement – Award & Gold Medal; 2007: Indian Golden Achiever – Award & Gold Medal; 2007: Arch of Excellence Award & Gold Medal; 2008: International Excellence for Best Construction Eng and Management Award; 2008: International Human Excellence Award & Gold Medal.
At the very end, Dr. Madhu Krishan achieved in transforming many people as peace builders but his work and his goodwill still goes on. His endless efforts continue to give peace to our world. God bless Dr. Madhu Krishan and all peace builders.

Paulin Rranzi

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