Waiting for the spring

Notes about the book “Savagery is leaving” of the writer Pal Rupa

Pal Rupa was born in Shkodra in 11.08.1936. He has finished the faculty for albanian Language-literature and has worked as teacher in some of Dukagjin schools of Shkodra region. For praised work he is decorated with the Order “Naim Frasheri”, second clas, by the president Sali Berisha.
On 20 November 1989 he has made a strong criticism to the former regime of communist dictatorship in his newspaper “Voice of the people” (Zëri i popullit). The writing was published on December 6, 1990, and had much reaction which brought to the author many consequences and contravention with the power of that time.
In that turbulent period, immediately after to severe reactions which the writing caused, he was put in the movement for democracy in cooperation with Azem Hajdari, Pjeter Arbnori and other anti-communist intelectual. With the establishment of the democratic party, together with a group from Dukagjin initiators, they created the first sections and organized and headed the first rally for the collapse of communist dictatorship.
In the first conference of PD, Shkodra branch, he is elected member of the chairmanship for the Dukagjin area.
He has performed the function of the United Chairman Council of Thethi.
With the decision of the Council of Ministers, he is appointed secretary of the commune council Shale.
For 18 years he continues to be in management of the structures of PD and has participated in all the peaceful protests in local and national level.
He is constantly taken with critical and satirical writings, which he published in the newspapers “Shkodra”, “Torch” (Pishtari), “55”, “RD”, in the magazine “Eagle’s wing” etc.
The volume “Savagery is leaving” (Egërsia po largohet), chronic in verse, is his first book. With the publication of this book the author Pal Rupa is entering a new creativity level.
The summary “Savagery is leaving” (Egërsia po largohet), a title as significant and desirable for all those who have suffered in the years of the totalitarian regime of Enver Hoxha, brings a novelty in Albanian literature and reinforces to the people the belief that united can build a more civilized future for Albania.
In the nest/ wait for the spring./ All together/ will bring down./ You can’t do us nothing:/ take our worst,/ gall winter!”
The author expresses so optimistic for a better future, after harshly hits and satirizes all the negative sides of our life that we still inherit from the bitter past.
Once again we believe that this book will be a desirable surprise for the Albanian reader.

Dylbere Dika

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