The journalist in disposal of Peace

(The world of the Ambassador Khairuddin Shadani)

Ambassador Khair Uddin (Khairuddin Shadani, as he likes to call himself in media, press and websites) was born in March 3, 1982 in Pakistan. He grew up in his birthplace where he made the first steps in different fields. He is a promising leader and accomplished executive with proven expertise in public diplomacy & media industry. Khairuddin Shadani is an international relations expert, journalist, analyst and human rights & social activist; whereby his service has been acknowledged by national and international stakeholders and is specialized Public Diplomacy, Organizational Planning, Lobbying, Conflict Management, Media Planning & Media Relations, Marketing Campaign, and Sponsorship & Fund Raising. He is a member of various diplomatic and media forums across the world.
Khairuddin Shadani is the founder of Planet Diplomat. Planet Diplomat aimed to be world leading independent, non-partisan and non-profit think tank organization that conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as international diplomacy, conflicts management, political & social strategy and peace & international development. The mission of Plant Diplomat is to encourage interaction of the diplomatic community and global information sharing in order to strengthen international peace, development and United Nation’s global agenda. The objectives of Planet Diplomat are: Engagement of diplomatic community, policy makers & decision-makers in peace-building and global development; Collaboration with leading development organization, identifying shared principles, policies and practices to strengthen United Nations global agenda; Root cause identification and advocacy for resolving international conflicts; Exchange of values and intercultural dialogue, fostering mutual understanding between communities and cultures.
Khairuddin Shadani is an Ambassador at Facebook Ambassadors Program. The Facebook Ambassadors is a volunteer agenda of the public/open Facebook Community and is being developed to demonstrate best practices in social networking and to promote approved and official Facebook projects, programs, pages and applications. This Facebook Community Project is not affiliated or associated with Global International Cooperative who has released the terms (idioms) and intellectual property but it has been developed by Facebook, this Facebook Community, and the public domain under Creative Commons open license.
Also, SPMUDA International appointed Khairuddin Shadani as Ambassador of Peace & Humanity for United Arab Emirates. SMPUDA is an organization of 475000 card bearing members across the world.
Ambassador Khairuddin Shadani is also consultant of International Relations at Alnahham Media Production since July 2011 up to now in United Arab Emirates. Alnahham’s Services include media production, media planning and buying, strategic planning and consulting, creative and design, translation and localization, trans-creation and cultural adaptation, direct marketing, events and grassroots marketing, market research and media/community/public relations. Its services are marketed across traditional and non-traditional channels covering print, television, online, radio, outdoors, grassroots, events, mobile and social media platforms. Alnahham’s integrated marketing approach layers campaigns across complementary channels utilizing an effective mix of tactics targeted uniquely at each ethnicity. Alnahham believes in establishing true partnerships with clients and Agency partners to grow their brand, customer base and market share in targeted segments. Team of Alnahham consists of the finest creative and cultural experts who are passionate about the clients, partners, markets and communities that they serve every day.
In September 2010 Ambassador Khairuddin Shadani established Diplomatic Media & Public Relations. Diplomatic Media & Public Relations (DMPR) is a dedicated platform, aimed to provide integrated media and public relations services to the diplomatic community, multinationals businesses and public sector organizations. Its multiple affiliations and forums make us a one-stop solution provider and value-added service supplier in the industry. This media associates are well-practiced journalists with high-profile media careers in leading media corporations. Having an inside understanding, we keep our finger on the pulse, staying abreast regarding activities across the industry. This makes the information of this media an information bank as contemporary as possible.
At 2012, Khairuddin Shadani was given again the title Ambassador by Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, Albania. It is an international organization initiated with the idea of the American Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and established by a group of diplomats, journalists, writers, artists, and prominent Albanian and foreign intellectuals. The motto of this mission is: – Peace, Progress and Prosperity! It is known that Peace is achieved with hard work, devotion and love by missionaries dedicated to human and God’s ideals. This mission and its representatives are addressed to each citizen of the world by calling: Lobbying, Lobbying and only Lobbying for Peace!…
So, Ambassador Khairuddin Shadani is a peace-maker who has dedicated his life to Peace Promoting through his great and tireless work. He is indeed a peace’s warrior!

Brunilda Liko

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