The world of Missionaries of Peace

(Notes about the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of the author Paulin Rranzi)

Since on the top, it must be said that the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace”, of the author Paulin Rranzi, is somehow special for its genre and original by its form and the treatment of the matter. The volume is modest; in it are included 10 titles of writings. They are as a bouquet of flowers from the Albanian land, each of them with its special beauty, almost different and unlike, as in a mosaic where the particularities of each colour gives the appearance of the whole. This bouquet is tied with a blue ribbon in which are written the words: Peace, love, harmony and goodness. What makes this book special is the variety of individualities, qualities and peculiarities that are distinguished in the activities that they conduct in their lives. We find there personalities of politics as the unforgettable Ibrahim Rugova, Pjeter Arbnori, new politicians Shpetim Idrizi and Tahir Muhedini, writers and artists with prominent creativity like Hysen Sinani, the poets Namik Mane and Sazan Goliku, the writer and social veprimtari Shefki Hysa and the well known sculptor Idriz Balani. The uniqueness of the author is the typology of the writing and the conveying to the reader truthfully and with realism, simple without the exaggerations of philosophy, point of views and actions of these personalities. Ibrahim Rugova and Pjetër Arbnori, are shown through personal impressions, friendship, connections and affection that the writer Shefki Hysa has had for them, but let us understand each other, the author is not only the person who conveys the narration of Hysa, but also a careful analyst that knows to distinguish the special from the general and present it with the art of the word. These personalities are seen in some partial aspects and not with the completeness of their work, are chosen those aspects that being reflected give us their full image. The readers, despite what they know about the life of these personalities that have entered in the frontier of the legend, are also told and shown as in a film watched for the first time, unknown features and qualities that characterize the substance, essence of philosophy and their humanism. Unlike Balkan atavistic mentality of revenge and national hatred: they have suffered, but don’t hate, are persecuted but they forgive the persecutors, are denied the rights, civil freedom and the right of the speech but they don’t want and don’t aspire the same for their beginner. All their work and life radiate peace, harmony, humanism, goodness and human love. As such they become an example to be followed and source of inspiration for the reader and future generation. In some other writings, the author hum the gender of the essay, which relies on the impressions and meditative reflections from the reading of their creativity and free interpretation, outside the framework of academic canons, thus highlighting the inherent values in that creativity. The essays “The poet sacrificed for Chameria” (Poeti i sakrifikuar per Çamërinë) and “Messages of light and peace” (Mesazhe drite dhe paqeje), dedicated to the poets Namik Mane and Sazan Goliku, are research studies where the analysis is harmonized with the synthesis which led to logical conclusions about the multi-faceted poetic and artistic values, and the philosophical messages which convey to the reader with their creativity this two poets with different individualities.
Thus, is conveyed to the reader the message of their creativity and the curiosity is revived to get acquainted even closer and better with the deed of these two authors. In other writings as “A life full of challenges”, dedicated to the researcher, historian, encyclopaedist and the folklorist Ibrahim Hoxha and the sculptor Idriz Balani, the author in writing uses the monographic narration, with simple style, but unravel and dynamic, revealing page after page the titanic intellectual and human greatness and the efforts, and why not, heroic efforts of Ibrahim Hoxha, the cursed man by the regime, who with work and extremely human efforts overcame the deprivations, discriminations, scorn, unemployment and poverty, he succeeded to create the opus of his deed with many values. Despite the qualities and the individual character inherited by the family he was given this force by the affection and dedication for Chameria and national issue. After this narration the reader remains surprised and with multiplied esteem and appreciation for this personality of Chameria. With such warm and esteeming notes is presented also the creator of many sculptural deeds, Idriz Balani.
Maybe it must have been said since the very begging that the Cham writer and activist, Shefki Hysa, for the sake of relations, fellowship and personal friendship with Mr. Paulin Rranzi, has given to Chameria and Chams another friend. Not an ordinary friend but a creator and activist, a missionary of peace which is the aspiration of everyone from us who have experienced the horrors of the war. This healthy friendship has already given its fruits which are reflected in this publication. From ten writings in total that has the book with 170 pages; six titles which make quite one hundred pages are dedicated to Chameria. The author handles the Cham cause and issue as an inherent, evident and actual problem that seeks solution and that this community has all the right in its side. He handles Cham issue through experiencing the pain for the unprecedented genocide, human remorse for the sufferings and afflictions this community suffered, with the dedication of the missionary of peace and he embed this sensation in the reader’s mind and heart, as a memory which should not be ruined, as a personal experience of the afflictions and sufferings that Chameria suffered, without reason, but just because they were Albanians! In the book Chameria is a linking leitmotif, it is elsewhere, even when there is talked about Dr. Rugova, even about for the Mandela of Balkans, Pjetër Arbnori and some more when is talked about personalities who are sons of this region.
In the elaboration of the political platform of the two parties which were joined together later on to form PDIU, a new political formation, qualitatively more prominent and more representative and worldwide spectrum, the author fully reveals the way and the work for the resolution of this cause. Making this program known for the reader, in a certain way are put under responsibility the political leaders of this formation for the obligation of implementing it, but also as a permanent commitment toward their electorate which is going to appreciate them under this base.
Even though there is not a special handling about Bilal Xhaferri, the prominent figure of the Albanian anticommunist dissident intellectual, he is present and appears as a far in the time obscurity in which he lived. The writer Shefki Hysa was dedicated to this son of Chameria not only by giving back from America his bones to rest in homeland, but also as a sequential of his patriot and political will through the publishing of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing” (Krahu i Shqiponjës).
In the end, I cannot let without mentioning that the author, despite the unravel style in function of elaborating the figure of every personality, is distinguished for the usage of the literary language, with correctness and wealthy lexicon that make the reading fluent and more pleasant.
The book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” (Personalitete – Misionarë të Paqes), is an achievement of the author Paulin Rranzi. I believe that as the first swallow, it will be followed by other books in service of peace and the prosperity of our nation.

Prof. Dr. Resmi Osmani

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