Peter Steenbakkers – The model of welfare manager

Peter Steenbakkers is graduated in Business school the Netherlands OCR National Road Haulage Operations Oxford Cambridge 1990-1999.
He is a solid entrepreneurial type, has a rich background in international logistics business development, strategic forecasting, transportation and start-up operations in multi-national marketplace. He has a stable professional experience as a Change Agent and Team Leader in business planning, turnarounds, corporate acquisitions, diplomatic resolution, and industry networking initiatives. In his work he assures a reliable development and execution of successful, high-impact business plans and processes with a seasoned approach and ensures rapid delivery of corporate alignment and accurate documentation. He offers expertise in handling process improvements and major corporate projects with top management and key decision-maker at all levels of matrixes organizations. He also offers effective hiring, management, deployment, coaching and development of top-notch staff talent. Mr. Peter is also an expert in superior motivations of teams to achieve peak performance, generate extensive financial reports, streamline business processes and meet aggressive business objectives. His career encompasses also multi-tasking talents in team building, organization, needs analysis, accurate documentation, and attention to detail in time-sensitive situations. He has a long experience working with executives, senior management, professional peers, and external assets in virtual and multi-site locations. He has an extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols, particularly in Europe, Dutch citizen. He works eligibility in European Union; he is fluent in Dutch, German and English. He is a proven business builder as well.
He is a qualified master in many other areas such as: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Relationship Building, Mergers & Acquisitions, Performance Metrics, Financial Analysis, Team Leadership, Special Projects, Regulatory Compliance, Budget Administration, Internal Controls and Site/Business Set-Up.
Mr. Peter has attended numerous investment and financing courses, such as Goldmann Sachs Multi Million Dollar club and Rabobank entrepreneur of the year 2008.
During his life, he has had many work experiences.
From 2000 to present, he is the founder of the company named Founding of Steenbakkers Transport BV. He founded this company as self-employed driver on a single truck.
From 2002 to present, he is the leader of Founding of Steenbakkers Holding BV. This company is 100% owned and active in private equity, real estate investment.
Mr. Peter Steenbakkers, due to his great career, through dedication, honesty and his hard work, has had the opportunity to be in collaboration with others all over the world. Now, he is Honorary Ambassador of the international lobbying organization Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity with headquarter in Tirana, Albania. Mr. Peter has shown not just to be a successful businessman but he has also strong feelings as a humanitarian and peace missionary.

Loalda Duka
Advisor of DMPP

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