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Notes about the book “Cham’s ancient versemonger” of the historian Ibrahim Daut Hoxha

The word “Chameria” whenever harasses us and shakes our consciousness, because it recalls a long calvary of sufferings and slaughter. The muslim cham population was swept and chased, because they sought to live in freedom, to preserve the identity, to develope the culture and to speak their language. In this titanic holy war, were born heroes that waved the flag of bravery and patriotism. The cham’s nightingales and partridge have not stopped singing for the beauties of nature, the Fatherland, for love and true faith, for the grace of the girls and the bravery of boys. The history of Chameria must have a special treatment in the framework of our national history. This time it comes written in verses from the versemonger, that the tireless researcher Ibrahim D. Hoxha dredge and found through archives and many other types saved in manuscripts, in the popular memory etc., and bring for the reader in the book “Cham’s ancient versemonger” (Vjershëtarë të hershëm Çamër).
This anthology contains the most prominent poem of this Albanian area and the most selected versemonger. In this anthology you will find poems beautifully and masterfully woven for events engraved in history, for heroes that brandish the swords of freedom, that waved flags and watered with blood the native land. Were platted poems for the knights of knowledge, that with primer and books with Albanian letters, spread knowledge.
In this edition you will find the magnificent poems “Erveheja” and “Joseph and Zelihaja” of the prominent versemonger Muhamet Cami, works in which rises morality, honor, faith and virtue that has characterized the Albanian woman. Here you will even find poems for Scanderbeg, Ismail Qemali, Meta and Kaso Duce, for Albanian, Kosovo, Chameria and the flag. With a special interest are the poems of scholar Imam Hasan Tahsini, which open windows in the philosophical, religious and scientific thought of the Albanian National Renaissance dean, which embraces knowledge in the depths of the soul and the universal human universe.
The versemonger Muhamet Cami, Imam Jasin Alushi, Imam Abdullahu, Haxhi Murat Cami writes hymns which the great Hafez Ali Korca specifies “… a bunch of selected and collected flowers from many valid gardens. These writings prosper the national literature…”
In this analogy you will find even poems with religious inspiration, such as: Advice for faith, advice for the Ramadan, for five meals of Namaz, for the mirage of Pejgamber and for Islamic devotions. Through patriotic poems is released the summon: Chameria calls, Listen the voice of the Fatherland, Answer the voice of the Fatherland, The voive of Chameria. The summon of the versemonger was strongly heared in all Chameria and continues to resound: “ Don’t forget Chameria” which God has bestowed rare beauties, with mountains from where fresh waters flow, with hills covered from citrus and olive groves, with lawn where the cattle are fed, with garden where nightingales and partridge sing! Don’t forget Chameria of the brave men, of the sword and rifle, of the host women and full of grace, of the songs and dances! Don’t forget the history of sad and glorious Chameria, of the tears that are not dried yet!”
The cham ancient versemonger were not locked in ivory towers. Their poems were not powdered in the pages of the books. They were learned and recited even by those who didn’t know literacy. They were conducted from mouth to mouth, in every home, in every hearth, generation after generation, and in assemblies of men. They were sang in songs and caper in dances. Were strongly conceived in the Cham’s spirit to give strength to face the pain.
The book of Cham’s history still continues to be written. Recited in poems, the history comes to us more tangible, more sensible and more proudest. Versemonger resemble with colorful flowers in the meadow and grove, while the non-lazy and non-relaxed Ibrahim D. Hoxha wander these flowers to collect pollen and nectar.
This anthology comes as a preview of the Albanian cultural heritage, which the Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization appreciated and welcomed for publication.

Dr. Ramiz Zekaj

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