Lazer Pepaj – Journalist and Missionary of the future

Lazer Pepaj was born in Shkodra on 9th November 1990. He passed his childhood in Ashte village of Shkodra, where he finished his primary and secondary school. He belongs to a patriotic family and tribe with ancient traditions.
Lazer Pepaj while he was 16, in October of 2007, went to USA where he had three older brothers. He settled in Florida, in Jacksonville. He attended there the high school. In 2009 he returned in Albania, in homeland, to attend the studies in the University “Luigj Gurakuqi” in Shkodra, in the Law Faculty. During this period he administered the business of the family with the label “VP Capital-CO“.
Lazer Pepaj is the youngest of five brothers, but responsible in family life and work as the older ones. He, beside the studies, business, has never neglected his intellectual formation, as part of intellectual elites of Shkodra and Albania. His desire to study and work was rooted by his parents, the father Zef Pepaj and the mother Lene Pepaj. So, the family with its traditions of culture and love for education is not only boost, but also strong support for any initiative in his life. However, Lazer Pepaj as a man that has known the life of immigration since teenage age knows that only a personality with multiple values can face the life successfully in civilized countries like USA. Only a man with overall knowledges can sit with dignity and pride in front of peers of civilized countries. So, conscious for the intellectual values, he is dedicated to the world of knowledge, not only to fulfill his figure as an intellectual person, but also with the desire to represent worthily his country, Albania, towards world democratic civilizations.
Lazer Pepaj, beside the study of the world’s recognition, a big part of his time he dedicates to the business with the desire to ensure his welfare and that of the family, but also with the goal to help somehow the poor people with his work. He has a charitable and missionary soul. Frequent movement in different countries have given him the opportunity to recognize better the life and to see that with the viewpoint of a missionary man, ready to give its contribution to peace and development.
Lazer Pepaj desires to dedicate also to journalistic. With his articles, he approaches and compares different realities, tries to reflect the beautiful image of the homeland, Shkodra, with its cultural and touristic values, in the eyes of the foreigners. Lazer Pepaj wants to see his own country, Albania, in Europe, along the strongest democratic states of the world. With his work as publicist he is now one of the most zealous collaborators of the prestigious magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.
The intellectual Lazer Pepaj has known well the rare values of American democracy and one of his objectives is to lobby to root these values even for the countries in development and those with problems, as the Balkans countries. The fact that he wants to lobby for the values of American democracy has approached him with the intellectual staffs of the intellectual organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, a lobbing mission designed by the prominent former US ambassador Richard Holbrooke. This mission that among other things lobbies to improve the democratic image of the Balkans countries, is part of UN and partner with many world organisms that work for peace and prosperity.
The intellectual Lazer Pepaj as a dedicated missionary toward World Peace now is also honorary advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Endri Hysa
Advisor of DMPP

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Remco Vos – A strategist of great development

Remco Vos was born on 22 February 1976 in The Netherlands. In 2000 he was graduated in the University of Logistics and Economics, Utrecht, The Netherlands. He has a B.S. Degree in Logistics and Economics. In 2005 he is graduated in the University of Phoenix, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has a M.B.A. Degree in Organizational Change.
Mr. Vos has attended numerous executive and professional level courses and programs, such as the young Executive Program at TNT Logistics HQ and the Mini Master Program through Rabobank. He has been Member of the Round Table and other business groups.
He is a solid entrepreneurial type, and has a background in international logistics business development, strategic forecasting, transportation and start-up operations in multi-national marketplace. He has a stable professional experience as a Change Agent and Team Leader in business planning, turnarounds, corporate acquisitions, diplomatic resolution, and industry networking initiatives. He assures a reliable development and execution of successful, high-impact business plans and processes with a seasoned approach and ensures rapid delivery of corporate alignment and accurate documentation. He offers expertise in handling process improvements and major corporate projects with top management and key decision-maker at all levels of matrixes organizations. He also offers effective hiring, management, deployment, coaching and development of top-notch staff talent. Mr. Vos is also an expert in superior motivations of teams to achieve peak performance, generate extensive financial reports, streamline business processes and meet aggressive business objectives. His career encompasses also multi-tasking talents in team building, organization, need analysis, accurate documentation, and attention to detail in time-sensitive situations. He has a long experience working with executives, senior management, professional peers, and external assets in virtual and multi-site locations. He has an extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols, particularly in Europe, and U.S.A. He works eligibility in European Union. Now, he is a proven business builder.
He is expertise in many areas such as: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Relationship Building, Mergers & Acquisitions, Performance Metrics, Financial Analysis, Team Leadership, Special Projects, Regulatory Compliance, Budget Administration, Internal Controls and Site/Business Set-Up.
During his life, Mr.Vos has had many work experiences.
From 2000 to 2002, he has been Country Manager/ CEO-Scandinavia. He hired to oversee all account operations for a major client, Compaq Spare parts, throughout Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
From 2002 to 2007, he has been owner in Vos Transport BV, Deventer, The Netherlands. He bought this company and turned it around into profitability. He inculcated a positive work environment with a strong management team, top quality benchmarks and high employee morale. TNT Logistics (now Ceva), Houten, The Netherlands.
From 2007 to present, he is owner in Vos holding, Epse, The Netherlands. He founded this consulting firm and holding company to continue professional growth. He manages all aspects of business development, P&L, strategic planning, resource allocation and client satisfaction. He performs due diligence on, evaluates and generates proposals for potential acquisition of small and medium businesses in different industries. He executes multiple consultancy projects for clients in logistics and transportation. He invests in businesses.
From 2009 to present, he is CEO and owner. He set up this business according to the request and specifications of a former and personal client in the Netherlands: DSM Melamine BV.
From 2010 to present, he is CEO and owner in Logistics Cost Consult (LCC), Tequesta Florida.
But Mr. Vos cannot stop here. Having a humanitarian soul, he has done some activities to help people in need. His will is to reach the peak in humanitarian activities. He wants his name to be in the minds and in the heart of other people. For all that he has done up to now in his life, his dedication in work and humanitarian aids he wants to give, Mr. Vos deserved the title Honorary Ambassador of the international lobbying organization Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity with headquarter in Tirana, Albania. The Ambassador Remco Vos has proved to be a worthy peace leader and missionary.

Arjona Firaj
Advisor of DMPP

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Peter Steenbakkers – The model of welfare manager

Peter Steenbakkers is graduated in Business school the Netherlands OCR National Road Haulage Operations Oxford Cambridge 1990-1999.
He is a solid entrepreneurial type, has a rich background in international logistics business development, strategic forecasting, transportation and start-up operations in multi-national marketplace. He has a stable professional experience as a Change Agent and Team Leader in business planning, turnarounds, corporate acquisitions, diplomatic resolution, and industry networking initiatives. In his work he assures a reliable development and execution of successful, high-impact business plans and processes with a seasoned approach and ensures rapid delivery of corporate alignment and accurate documentation. He offers expertise in handling process improvements and major corporate projects with top management and key decision-maker at all levels of matrixes organizations. He also offers effective hiring, management, deployment, coaching and development of top-notch staff talent. Mr. Peter is also an expert in superior motivations of teams to achieve peak performance, generate extensive financial reports, streamline business processes and meet aggressive business objectives. His career encompasses also multi-tasking talents in team building, organization, needs analysis, accurate documentation, and attention to detail in time-sensitive situations. He has a long experience working with executives, senior management, professional peers, and external assets in virtual and multi-site locations. He has an extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols, particularly in Europe, Dutch citizen. He works eligibility in European Union; he is fluent in Dutch, German and English. He is a proven business builder as well.
He is a qualified master in many other areas such as: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Relationship Building, Mergers & Acquisitions, Performance Metrics, Financial Analysis, Team Leadership, Special Projects, Regulatory Compliance, Budget Administration, Internal Controls and Site/Business Set-Up.
Mr. Peter has attended numerous investment and financing courses, such as Goldmann Sachs Multi Million Dollar club and Rabobank entrepreneur of the year 2008.
During his life, he has had many work experiences.
From 2000 to present, he is the founder of the company named Founding of Steenbakkers Transport BV. He founded this company as self-employed driver on a single truck.
From 2002 to present, he is the leader of Founding of Steenbakkers Holding BV. This company is 100% owned and active in private equity, real estate investment.
Mr. Peter Steenbakkers, due to his great career, through dedication, honesty and his hard work, has had the opportunity to be in collaboration with others all over the world. Now, he is Honorary Ambassador of the international lobbying organization Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity with headquarter in Tirana, Albania. Mr. Peter has shown not just to be a successful businessman but he has also strong feelings as a humanitarian and peace missionary.

Loalda Duka
Advisor of DMPP

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Erion Nikolli – eminent humanitarian and missionary of Peace

Erion Nikolli was born in the village Orosh in Mirdita. He carried out the 8-year education in his birthplace. He carried out high school for mining technician in Reps of Mirdita. He carried out his university studies in Tirana since 1988 until 1992 for Mining Engineering, the Faculty of Mining Geology.
During 1990 has participated in the in the organization of the December Movement and in the beginning of 1991 has created the first independent collegiate union. He made recognition of this union in many European Universities as: University of Warsaw, University of Bratislava, University of Prague, University of Budapest, University of Vienna and University of Wiesbaden.
In 1992 he continued the studies in Germany for German Language. At the same time he has played football in Germany. He has been in Vixen football club.
Since 1994, for six months has carried out a special course in Stockholm for Stenology. Later, he has gone in Netherlands where he has been involved in business activity for a long time in Benelux zones (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg). He has contributed with much support and humanitarian aids for the refugees who came from the war countries of ex-Yugoslavia. He has also contributed for the Red Cross, not only by financial side but also by increasing the activists number.
During 1999, when the war in Kosova exploded, Erion Nikolli has assisted too much the refugees escaped by this country to be stabilized and accommodated in some countries as in Belgium, in Netherlands and in Luxembourg.
Erion Nikolli, during 2011, as a missionary of Peace and humanitarian, with his funds, has helped with food and clothes in north-east areas of Albania.
His work as a businessmen and missionary of peace has given him the opportunity to get acquainted with many eminent personalities of the world, personalities of world art and cinematography as: Roger Moore, Steven Seagal, Al Pacino, etc.
The missionary Erion Nikolli has partnership and friendly cooperation with many businessmen with world fame as: Franck Muller, the president of the famous watches’ company Franck Muller; the president of the company Intelligence IT, partner with SAP company, which has with more than hundred countries contracts for university programs; as well as with many industrialists with great activities in Europe and world.
Erion Nikolli is also representative of an investors board from Netherlands in Albania, but at the same time operates in other countries of Europe as regards to businesses.
He has acquaintance with many world politicians, with senators and congressmen, with different diplomats, with consuls and ambassadors of United Nations and of many west diplomacies.
He is collaborator of Albanian media, especially of the magazine Krahu i Shqiponjës (Eagle’s Wing).
Erion Nikolli, for his great values as an eminent intellectual, as a journalist and businessman with strong feelings as a humanitarian and peace missionary, lately, during 2012, has deserved also the title as Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, an international lobbying mission of United Nations, partner with many world prestigious diplomatic and humanitarian missions.

Endri Hysa
Advisor of DMPP

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How to become a diplomat

(The world of a Missionary of Peace)

In the period when thought and human reason possessed the world around, was also born the desire for good inter-human relationships. So, the wise, intellectuals, despite the banal quarrels for wealth and power, dogfights and battles through endless wars that destroyed the values created by humanity, started to talk for a world in harmony and peace between individuals, families, tribes and human societies, as God had commanded. So, they theorized for a model Earthly Paradise, according to the model of Paradise that holy books preached. Thus in this variety of theorizes, was born the “middle gold” theory which approached to people an ideal of relationships that if it was applied and transformed in demeanor culture, would take toward the so much dreamed, Earthly Paradise. The ideal of “middle gold” was welcomed by many ideologist of this world and became as an essential shaft of many philosophical trends, however most of the time as once and now was and remains simply an ideal. People who accepted this ideal as a way of behavior, that transformed in part of their culture, behaved respectfully to each-other, applied all the codes of ethic of inter-human relationships, so, they demonstrated to be peaceful human. So, tending toward the harmony of relationships, with the desire to estimate not to harm the human creatures, scholars, ideologists, philosophers, as without understanding were transformed into the first diplomats of human world. They were the first ambassadors of peace.
So based on long experience created by the first diplomats of peace, idealists of the “middle gold” theory, located at the core of interpersonal relations, was also born the diplomacy. This is my viewpoint issued from the studies of human knowledge and from my experience. Anyone can also make opponency for its accuracy; however, I insist that the events happened more or less this way, regardless of the period when diplomacy became the main code of interstate relations. Diplomacy by many people is understood simply as an interstate issue and that’s all, but I say it is much more, it is a long process, part of inter-human culture that continually smoothes it and keeps in the parameters of harmony and peace that God has given to his creatures with the model of Paradise.
So, to be a diplomat, according to me, means to be a proponent of Peace, otherwise you are and remain a piece of official that have usurped this feature from your state just for personal privileges. And such a thief official doesn’t care for real diplomacy, doesn’t sacrifice for it, but for his interests may even cause war instead of peace. And such are a good part of today diplomats, irresponsible officials for authority that was given and which they misuse from the ignorance as well as from spiritual wickedness changing the tables of dialogue with the so-called diplomatic incidents, peace with war. Because it is known that where diplomacy ends, war begins. Someone probably doesn’t agree with this way of my reasoning. I have to bring arguments to convince him. For me, not only philosophers, ideologists and theologians, but also artists and all the creators of those values that are called art and literature, are diplomats, ambassadors of culture of a people in front of their cultures. Let’s turn back to antiquity, there where the first treasures of human cultures are. It is known that all wise people bow with respect toward the ancient and modern art, also to the naive and primitive one. All the people all fascinated toward the creations of popular epos, sagas, myths and legends, moreover toward the works of Homer, Iliad of Odyssey or Aeneid of Virgil or many other works of later authors, who with their talent and flair have humbled many kings and emperors. Are not these creators of artistic values a model of ambassador that should be taken as an example in inter-human and interstate relations? For me yes. An example: In the years of communist period that we experienced, our dictatorial country didn’t have diplomatic relations with many western countries like USA etc., however, noone could stop me that secretly find the radio waves “The voice of America” (Zëri i Amerikës), or of BBC and listen with pleasure the music of Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many other singers. I didn’t know English and despite this fact, I felt fascinated by their art. Not only me. Many other of my contemporaries. Although our dictatorial state had forbidden the arrival of these diplomats in Albania, we lived secretly with the values of art of these artists, so, with the greatness of these ambassadors of world culture. They were spiritually among us, regardless that dictatorship had forbidden their existence and physical presence.
So, every creator, every artist, author of books, films, music, pictures and sculptures is in itself a born diplomat, an ambassador of the culture of its people toward the world culture. In all the times the flairs of these artist diplomats have mitigated the cruelty of dictators, have triumphed over the tyrannous ignorance with the diplomacy of artistic values and have changed the course of wars toward the tables of peace. Be an artist and for sure you become a diplomat… be a man of knowledge, appropriate the theory “middle gold”, respect and don’t despise, harm people and certainly you have learned to behave as a diplomat! So, it is so easy and simple: Love the culture of your people, also love the cultures of other countries and willy-nilly you are involved in diplomacy! And this is not only my thought, but also my activity. Loving Albanian culture, promoting its values, creating new values with my talent and flair as a journalist and writer, facing the values of art and literature of my people with the values of culture of other people, I gradually learned how to become a diplomat. So, with much creative work in many years of my life, I became ambassador of Albanian culture, as Ismail Kadare, our writer with world values. Someone might oppose that my viewpoint for diplomacy is rather naive. Only politicians and states between them can make diplomacy, piffle of this nature. Instead, I can tell you and argue that all Albanian diplomats all together haven’t done the half of the work that the distinguished writer Ismail Kadare has done with his work for the internationalization of the Albanian issue in the world. Ultimately, without elongated too much, I can tell you that the writer Ismail Kadare, as many personalities of art, world literature and culture, is the ambassador model that represents Albania with dignity. I walk in his footsteps, therefore I see myself in the ranks of diplomats and ambassadors of Peace. I am its missionary and warrior. I am part of the World Earthly Paradise, just as God has commanded!

Shefki Hysa

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Peace cannot be brought by anyone

(Thoughts abort the book with publicistic writings “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of the author Paulin Rranzi)

A society, a political class or expressed more specifically, people of any layer, a nation, if they live in their country in peace, make them more noble, more human, more solidary and visionary, and above all, happier. Thus, a distinguished personality, Benedict Spinoza, said: “Peace is not the absence of war, but it is virtue, a certain mental condition, a tendency for good will, confidence, and justice.” In this sense I think that such publicist books like “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of Paulin Rranzi, not only are very important for the health and renewal of Albanian society and politics and should be published more, because they unfold the meaningful message that peace in a country can’t be brought by anyone, but are personalities that came out by people of this country that with their name and valuable contribution in certain fields of life create wide spaces for peace, tolerance and understanding. Thanks to a dedicated work in the summary with writings in portrait form, the author has illuminated different sides of the character of 10 Albanian personalities, who are distinguished for their valuable contribution in certain fields of social and political life in Albania and beyond. All the writings are traversed by another interesting message: ardent love for Chameria and Kosovo, which won its independence, but with war against the Serbs, in which as it is known, NATO gave an extraordinary help, because the Serbs exerted an unprecedented genocide against the Albanian population. While the missionaries of peace want the independence of Chameria to come true thanks to dialogue, understanding and tolerance, so, in a word, thanks to peace between parties. The author of the book to structure his work and to gather an abundant material has used, as to say, “up to the core” as main source the outstanding impressions of the tireless writer and journalist of Cham origin, Shefki Hysa, who has known all the personalities of the book and had friendship with them. Thanks to this material, that relates to the overall and diverse life and activity of personalities missionaries of peace, which he has drawn its portraits with mastery and publicistic pathos, the author from this material has managed to gather many situations, expressive details and tenuity. These artistic tools on one hand arouse the interest and curiosity of the reader and on the other hand deepen and make more prominent the lines of the portraits of missionaries of peace. In the writing “Man in love with peace”, dedicated to the former president of Kosovo, deceased Ibrahim Rugova, the reader will be known not only with an intriguing situation, with endless efforts, wisdom, agility of the journalist Shefki Hysa to interview the Gandhi of the Balkans in the summer of 1991, but also with their warm political conversation, from which are revealed the viewpoints of Rugova for Kosovo’s independence, his noble and peace-loving spirit, simplicity, modesty as he reached to make friend the Cham journalist and then introduce him with a rare diplomat of that time, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. Even in the writing “The dissident that commiserated the political opponents”, dedicated to the deceased Pjetër Arbnori, or as he was called by all, Mandela of the Balkans, is noticed that the vital material that the author used to give form to the figure of this remarkable personality is the result of impressions and memories of the known writer and journalist from Chameria, Shefki Hysa. When the deceased Arbnori became Chairman of Assembly he had close relations with Shefki, who at that time worked at the administration of the assembly. They became friends and collaborated at the field of edition. Thanks to this collaboration, Pjetër Arbnori published some books, which were welcomed by the readers. Meanwhile with his help were brought in homeland the bones of the great Cham writer, Bilal Xhaferri.
In the book, the figure of Arbnori is drawn with love as the figure of a man, artist, with rich spiritual love, noble, approachable and communicative with simple people, debonair, funny and benevolent. But let us leave the word to the author by detaching a short passage from the book that the reader to understand better who was Peter Arbnori: “The writer Pjetër Arbnori felt delighted as a naïve child in front of the book. Burnished it with hands and fell in tears. It was his first edition and he was not very young, but 57 years old. Understandably, he would feel excited by all those things he had passed in his life. He was as human in that behavior, as with that longing ignored even his position as a senior politician. He could have been serious with a bureaucratic mask in his face, but not. He was man. He was a great man.”
After these two very impressive articles in the book follows two other stories that portray two deputies of the Albanian Parliament of Cham origin. The first writing speaks about the deputy Shpëtim Idriz, who just to lobby about the Cham issue is secedes from the group of socialist deputies, that’s why the author entitles this writing “Leader of Chameria- dream and reality”. The figure of this politician is given with the most substantially qualities and virtues as a man that does a lot for his homeland, visionary for its future, persistent and dedicated to the solution of this big issue till in the highest international instances. In the second writing, in the center of the publicistic optics of the author is the other deputy of the assembly, Sir Tahir Muhedini. His motto is transformed in the title of this writing “Our Will – Chameria”. Even the figure of this deputy is given in the book with the characteristic features of patriot, of good and peaceful man, that upon the interests of the homeland doesn’t put anything else. The author doesn’t forget to mention that deputy Muhedini comes from a Cham family massacred by Greek bandits, tells about the tumultuous life of this family when she settles in Albania, so for the sake of Chameria will, both deputies merge both of their parties in a single one, to lobby and try together that the issue of their native country to be resolved as soon as possible.
In the writing “Literature and Man” the author of the book draws the artistic portrait of a personality of Albanian letters, Hysen Sinani, describes trips to Greece in immigration of this man with rich and peaceful spiritual world, although suffered and autodidact, then he submitted the creativity of sir Sinani a quick literary analysis starting from his first novel “George”, that saw the light of publication before the arrival of democracy and pointed out some ideological problems for that time until to numerous translations of this author from different languages, which, however, have in the center the message of peace. With special respect is written in the book for an interesting figure of Cham origin, for Ibrahim Daut Hoxha, for his patriotism related with Chameria and for the unique contribution of this personality in many areas for his hometown. We can say that the writing is a complete biography of this man less known to the reader of today, but with many deeds to his beloved Chameria, starting from the exaltation of brightest figures of Chameria, making poetry for it, until to historic works related with this Albanian territory and the collection of the rich folklore of this territory. He has written a number of works for these issues, which with no doubt will remain in the archives of various works dedicated to Chameria.
Another side of the life of Ibrahim Daut Hoxha is given by the author with historical truth, understandably helped by his close friend, writer and journalist Shefki Hysa, related with numerous difficulties and barriers that Ibrahim was forced to overcome and that the class struggle revealed in front of him. But, that rigid fighter was brave, courageous, enough smart and visionary, therefore he knew to face and threw them away.
At the writing “The art of symbolism of peace” speaks about the life and activity of a Cham known sculptor, Idriz Balani, who lives and continues to create in Durres. The uniqueness of this sculptor and the art that he elicit from his hands is that his works always transmit messages of peace, kindness and tolerance. As we are talking about this, even I that am writing these lines am a friend of Idriz and together we have been on a visit to Kosovo. It’s true what the book tells that Idriz doesn’t detach the love for Chameria from the love for Kosovo. I have seen this with my own eyes and moreover this is proved by many sculptural works that he has created in Kosovo along the works for Chameria, the portrait of her famous son, Bilal Xhaferri etc. Thus, “an intellectual like Idriz Balani knows not only to create, but also to well manage his art, as a unique value in the service of civilization. He knows well that the symbolic of art is expression of peaceful world of the artist and to know to administer an artistic world, means to be, personality – missionary of peace.”
While reading the writing summarized in the book “Poet sacrificed for Chameria”, dedicated to a real artist, to the poet Namik Mane, you don’t have how to not feel emotions interweave with a deep pain for this simple man, this patriot of the highest scale, heart of compassion and with a rare spiritual world, who, as an progeny of a very well known family in Chameria, his heart couldn’t have been pit from where to stemmed love and pain for the evil fate of what the poet calls: “Chameria, Chameria/Pergola with my tear.” The verses of Namik Mane derive precisely from this heart-shaft, because he can’t understand himself without his homeland, for which, the poet says: My chest burns of so many years/From a longing that has no dimensions/And may the oceans be dried/Don’t fit my longing/Only you can keep it inside/In thy chest, Chameria!”
The author of the book unfolds with sever and harsh colors the tableau of life of this man with noble and peaceful spirit, the sufferings and hardships that his family and he suffered from the communist persecution. It is needless to add that his life if we speak of a figurative parallelism closely resembles the fate of his homeland. Being close friend of the legend of Chameria, to the poet Bilal Xhaferri, Namik Mane in the most difficult moments recalls his unforgettable friend, as he recalls his other friends, who stayed close and always helped him. After Bilal, he is the poet who has sacrificed more for homeland and his beloved hometown Chameria, so its contribution will remain unforgettable. In the book is also included a writing entitled “Message of light and peace”, which talks about the creativity and the messages it radiates, of the writer and researcher Sazan Goliku, nickname of the famous Albanian author Pandeli Koçi. Through a detailed and serious analysis by professional side, the author highlights the characteristic features of the poetry of this creator, which is distinguished for its conciseness, diverse thematic it conveys, for the curve of the verse and above all for human and noble ideas that are brought forth in it. A special place in the writing is dedicated to the hard work of Sazan Goliku for the study of literature that publishes in Kosovo, whether for adult or children. Furthermore, Sazan Goliku in this direction remains the initiator of the study of this literature with an abundant, diverse and enviable production. The book is closed with the writing “Writer and origin” where is unfolded the panorama of life and wide and manifold activity of one of the most prominent missionaries of peace, well-known writer and publicist of Cham origin Shefki Hysa. This writing compressed with facts and arguments leaves a scar for the hard and dedicated work that this personality has completed with devotion and dedication for the benefit of Cham issue. After is described the troubled life of Shefki and his family, class persecution and continued efforts of this young man with strong character to be formed each day as an intellectual and personality, the writing later passed on some features of his abundant creativity and in many areas until to numerous translations and edits. Thanks to acquaintances and numerous friends, Shefki thanks to his perseverance accomplishes some very important activities for the Cham issue as bringing the bones of the great poet Bilal Xhaferri in homeland, continuation of the publication of the magazine “Eagle’s wing”, the direction of the Cultural association “Bilal Xhaferri” etc. An innovation was the creation of the international organization “Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity”, conceived as a mission of peace, which lobbies for peace and prosperity in the Balkans and worldwide, according to the best model that offers American democracy for countries in development. Look what is further said in the book for this personality: “It was this new venture, which would focus more the writer Shefki Hysa in the work of tirelessly missionary for Peace and Prosperity. As a missionary of peace, he began to create many new connections with the intellectual world, inside and outside Albania. Thanks to the continuous and full of successes work, his name and biography are included in many prestigious encyclopedia of the world”.
This book of the author Paulin Rranzi that contains enough interesting information and not very familiar for the Albanian reader will surely be browsed with curiosity, because it is in the benefit of the peace and echoes the human and understandable messages, tolerance, cooperation etc., for which nowadays all the layers of Albanian society need more than never.

Sokol Jakova

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A book for peace is a book for God

(Notes about the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of the publicist Paulin Rranzi)

While reading the book of the publicist Paulin Rranzi, Personalities – Missionaries of Peace, I reminded the word of the president John Kennedy: “If humanity does not vanish war, war will vanish humanity”. This prophetic warning of this great missionary of peace make us read with honor and curiosity every book, article or literary work that is dedicated to peace secular aspiration of men in every place of the world. The author of this book had clear the idea that the existence and human development can not be understand without the understanding and agreement between the members of a family, of a social group and especially between nations and states. The idea of peace is inseparable by the ontological concept of freedom. The author has come to the conclusion that there can be no real peace between the right and injustice, between the oppressed and oppressor, between the hungry people and affluent. Thus, in the presentation of life and missionary activity of personalities that are presented in this book, the author emphasizes their real values as human who at the core of activity and creativity have the ideal of peace and freedom, prosperity and social harmony. It is true that the term “war for peace” can be called contradictory but means and ways in which is fought have determined the degree of humanism and rationality with which is intended the realization of peace ideal.
The book is opened with the writing “Men in love with peace (Gandhi of the Balkans – Ibrahim Rugova)” that breaks down the features and outlook of Kosovo leader through the meeting and interview with the writer and journalist Shefki Hysa. Ibrahim Rugova, till in the first steps of his political activity tried to solve in peaceful way the big problem of the existence of his people. Even though in front of a politic of a chauvinist – communist – fascist state, he stayed with consistency, without being swayed by the visible and invisible whirlpool of the policy and diplomacy traditionally rooted with anti Albanian direction. He has been a follower of the paradigm of the great ancient philosopher, Sokrati: Peace with others comes only from inner peace, so, from the lack of violent impulse and aggressive tendencies of the individual or a nation.” From another point of view is analyzed the political and literary personality of Pjeter Arbnori, who although suffered almost 30 years the calvary through the jails of dictatorship, kept the kindness and love for democratic and human peace and spirit even when he was elected and worked on top of Albanian state. The figure of the writer Bilal Xhaferri, that traverses as a golden thread the pages of this book, is that of man who held on his back since birth, strikes of destiny and our history. He made no error, no fault, only if it is called so being an untired worker, free thinker, brilliant creator of higher levels of Albanian literature, militant to death for the overthrow of stalinist – enverist dictatorship in Albania and for liberation of Kosovo from Serbian bloody hooves. Peaceful spirit and soul of freedom were merged into a single, to be deposited as hot magma into the solid structures of the verses and stories in his books.
Chameria, Albanian province cruelly martyred and without nation, is on the focus of this book through confessions for some personalities that are subject of the writings. But we don’t encounter any spirit of revenge and hatred for the perpetrators of genocide toward cham population. It is required only justice on the basis of acts and documents universally approved and especially by the united Europe, where we tend to be part of it formally. So, there can be no peace, emphasizes the author Paulin Rranzi, without being put into place the justice; can not be maintained the normality and dignity of a nation, where killers are honored and are raised memorials and their sons still make open calls for war and carnage. The writer Hysen Sinani notes in the preface of the book that “there are represented all the regions, from south to central Albania and till to Kosovo”. This geographical range gives the book Albanian size and expresses the great truth of the peaceful character of the Albanians even in the most severe existential conditions and circumstances.
When finished reading the book of Paulin Rranzi, you are convinced that only a democracy lively and rooted in the soul of the people can allow an essential and quiet cleaning, therefore the achievement of a peace, where true freedom flourishes.

Lekë Mandreja

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