Albania like California

It is the first time that I come in Albania. I have heard that Albania was one of the problematic countries of a turbulent Region like Balkans, where very often are generated inter-ethnic clashes. However, to tell the truth, I was surprised. I found a beautiful and a quiet place like my California. I feel delighted from Albanian hospitality. In Albania I met hospitable people, hilarious and sincere who turns into pieces for their foreign guests. So, I found true friends who are ready to sacrifice for friendship. I have traveled too much all over the world. I have seen rare and strange countries, but they have not left me so many impressions like the country of Albanians. And, I don’t know how to explain this. Albania is one of the most beautiful places of Mediterranean. It has a nature with an appealing view, fields, mountains, rivers and seas pent in a small surface, in few kilometers; it has a worm spring clime, it has micro-climes as quiet bays where is the life of many sorts of creatures, Mediterranean and exotic flora and fauna, where work peaceful people, but I believe that I was not attracted by these, as much has entered in my heart the kindness of Albanian people. So, the special thing of Albania stands in the Albanian human world, in his rare individuality and characteristics to love people who come from other worlds. Due to friendship that Albanian offered me, sometimes it seems that somewhere in this place should be the gate of the Heaven. Albanians love too much America. They love American democracy. They dream to have Albania one of the United States of America Republics.
What about Americans? American politics and diplomacy have really supported Albania and continue to support and to protect it, but I mean American citizens. Most of them do not recognize yet very well Albania. If they knew it better, they would consider it like my California. They would come for holidays in Albania and would fell in love with this place full of harmony and peace. They would help more in its economic empowerment and to be really part of Paradise over the Globe. As a missionary of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, I will try the impossible to have Albania entered in the hearts of American people, to be as one of its most beautiful countries, like my California.

Rodney D. Dir

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