Characters – the first Albanian Missionaries of Peace

(Impressions from the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of the author Paulin Rranzi)

The book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace of the author Paulin Rranzi surprised me very much. It was really amazing the way that how this young author compare characters from different fields of life and make them speak the same international language: Language of Peace.
Once finished reading the book you could not stay without saying: Yes, these are the Albanian model of warriors of peace! These are the first Albanian missionaries for peace, the author Paulin Rranzi himself, who resemble the best models of warriors of peace worldwide. These are also the first characters of Albanian contemporary literature dedicated to the world peace.
This reasoning gives the right to come to the conclusion that finally even in Albanian modern literature blew the wind of Peace messages sender. The epoch of Skanderbeg, our national hero, who the old and new west literature reflect in many works as a great warrior, savior of European civilization, savior of human Peace, is being regenerated. Who are these lucky personalities that were transformed into first Albanian characters dedicated to Peace? I will not exaggerate if I say that, if not all, the majority of them are my acquaintance or friends. Let me start with the president Ibrahim Rugova. Once he was one of the best writers of Kosovo, my contemporary and colleague. He leaded The League of Writers and Artists of Kosovo and meanwhile I was chairman of The League of Writers and Artists of Albania.
Rugova was a prominent activist in the politics of Kosovo. Even I didn’t remain back in Albanian politics. But more than politics, what united me and Rugova was the literary creativity, ideals to serve humanity as warriors of pen. Be understood that Rugova worked a lot as a politician till he transformed in the symbol of Peace for Kosovo and the Balkans, the same as Gandhi for India. It is a great honor for the young author Paulin Rranzi, who has treated the figure of Rugova under the viewpoint of the missionary of peace.
Pjetër Arbnori, Mandela of the Balkans, as the author qualifies him, was one of the most prominent men that Albanian nation has brought out in XX century. In the early ‘90th he was deputy of Democratic Party, whereas I was deputy of Social Party. He was dissident writer that came from the prison of former communist dictatorship, whereas I was a writer that seemed to have served communism. As to say, we were political opponents; however we became friends, especially during the years 92-96, when he was chairman of the Assembly of Albania. In that period a part of democrats behaved roughly with former communists, the same as the communists of the years 45 behaved with former rich people, representatives of the reversed former classes.
On the contrary, Pjetër Arbnori behaved friendly with me, treated me as an opponent of political beliefs not as an enemy, as some others tried to act. An example: I remember that the publisher Shefki Hysa, our mutual friend, asked me to do a foreword for the book of new talent and I did it. The book was published with my foreword and was welcomed by the readers. It was also reflected in media and television. Then, TVSH worked as the only television in Albania. A young journalist in one of TV shows treated the values of the book, adhering my evaluations for the author in the foreword that accompanied the edition. For this action the journalist was fired from work with the motivation as a propagandistic of a figure that belonged former communist regime.
Poor journalist complained to the publisher Shefki Hysa and he, indignant rightly, discussed the problem with his friend Pjetër Arbnori, chairman of Assembly, institution from which depended RTSH. Pjetër Arbnori, after listening to his friend Shefki Hysa, said that Dritëro Agolli with his values as a writer, despite left beliefs as human, was a national wealth that didn’t deserve to be infringed, on the contrary should be protected and evaluated. He immediately called the director of TVSH and ordered to bring back to work the journalist, and even to do a special emission for the figure of the writer Dritëro Agolli. And so happened.
This was Pjetër Arbnori, a figure that with his work fed social peace, didn’t undermine it as did some fanatics representatives of Democratic Party that urged class hatred.
It is known that I belonged to communism, however I wasn’t a blind fanatic of communist regime, I was part of its utopia, part of that beautiful dream, of those ideals that communists had to transform the world in a social paradise where would predominate peace and human equality that was never realized in practice. Communist ideals were misused by the communist dictators and in the name of those ideals was raped intelligence and political opponents, was exerted genocide against a part of humanity. I was a writer, I didn’t belong repressive clans of former dictatorship. My creativity is censored from the communist censorship, maybe a little bit, but is censored the same as the dissident literature of Pjetër Arbnori, Bilal Xhaferri and many other writers, although I was also chairman of the League of Writers and Artists of Albania. I was Dritëro Agolli, I was myself, I was part of the world of creators that in soul and in actions are opponents of all powers. Based on my ideals as a writer, despite the directives of the former communist regime, I have helped and encouraged talents like the writer Namik Mane, former political persecuted, the writer Shefki Hysa (without mentioning some others), who are two of the most characteristic characters of the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of the author Paulin Rranzi.
The figure of my friend Shefki Hysa unites all the characters in this book. He is the founder of all this Odysseus that Paulin describes, is not only missionary, but head missionary of this mission shaped in the form of a publication in the service of Peace. I really estimate his figure, as he estimates me. Dritëro Agolli has served Peace with his pen. And if one day the author decided to publish a second volume of this publication, I have the belief that my personality would be included in the book as a message sender of Peace. Ask my precious storyteller Shefki Hysa for this and I am sure he will prove my hypothesis. He will prove it that as a talented writer belong to divine race of creators and like all divine knows very well the character of his friends. I am one of his declared friends. I am Dritëro Agolli. I am myself. I could have been part of Democratic Party, as many former communists. I didn’t. I accepted to remain socialist, part of better people that tend from left beliefs. The same as progressive leftists of the entire world who aspire social peace. I never betrayed my beliefs and ideals, I never went after a power for any personal benefit, on the contrary I put in the service of my nation, as the best Albanian democrats that turned the sight toward European civilization.
So am I, Dritëro Agolli, missionary of peace, that’s why I attentively read the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace”, that’s why I enthusiastically wrote these rows for its rare values. I am Dritëro Agolli, a missionary of peace still undeclared. Do not forget. Respect the warriors of peace for their sacrifices in the service of worldwide future paradise.

Dritëro Agolli

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Lekë Mandreja, Albanian Journalist

Ambassador Lekë Mandreja, Albanian Journalist and Writer

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The world of Missionaries of Peace

(Notes about the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” of the author Paulin Rranzi)

Since on the top, it must be said that the book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace”, of the author Paulin Rranzi, is somehow special for its genre and original by its form and the treatment of the matter. The volume is modest; in it are included 10 titles of writings. They are as a bouquet of flowers from the Albanian land, each of them with its special beauty, almost different and unlike, as in a mosaic where the particularities of each colour gives the appearance of the whole. This bouquet is tied with a blue ribbon in which are written the words: Peace, love, harmony and goodness. What makes this book special is the variety of individualities, qualities and peculiarities that are distinguished in the activities that they conduct in their lives. We find there personalities of politics as the unforgettable Ibrahim Rugova, Pjeter Arbnori, new politicians Shpetim Idrizi and Tahir Muhedini, writers and artists with prominent creativity like Hysen Sinani, the poets Namik Mane and Sazan Goliku, the writer and social veprimtari Shefki Hysa and the well known sculptor Idriz Balani. The uniqueness of the author is the typology of the writing and the conveying to the reader truthfully and with realism, simple without the exaggerations of philosophy, point of views and actions of these personalities. Ibrahim Rugova and Pjetër Arbnori, are shown through personal impressions, friendship, connections and affection that the writer Shefki Hysa has had for them, but let us understand each other, the author is not only the person who conveys the narration of Hysa, but also a careful analyst that knows to distinguish the special from the general and present it with the art of the word. These personalities are seen in some partial aspects and not with the completeness of their work, are chosen those aspects that being reflected give us their full image. The readers, despite what they know about the life of these personalities that have entered in the frontier of the legend, are also told and shown as in a film watched for the first time, unknown features and qualities that characterize the substance, essence of philosophy and their humanism. Unlike Balkan atavistic mentality of revenge and national hatred: they have suffered, but don’t hate, are persecuted but they forgive the persecutors, are denied the rights, civil freedom and the right of the speech but they don’t want and don’t aspire the same for their beginner. All their work and life radiate peace, harmony, humanism, goodness and human love. As such they become an example to be followed and source of inspiration for the reader and future generation. In some other writings, the author hum the gender of the essay, which relies on the impressions and meditative reflections from the reading of their creativity and free interpretation, outside the framework of academic canons, thus highlighting the inherent values in that creativity. The essays “The poet sacrificed for Chameria” (Poeti i sakrifikuar per Çamërinë) and “Messages of light and peace” (Mesazhe drite dhe paqeje), dedicated to the poets Namik Mane and Sazan Goliku, are research studies where the analysis is harmonized with the synthesis which led to logical conclusions about the multi-faceted poetic and artistic values, and the philosophical messages which convey to the reader with their creativity this two poets with different individualities.
Thus, is conveyed to the reader the message of their creativity and the curiosity is revived to get acquainted even closer and better with the deed of these two authors. In other writings as “A life full of challenges”, dedicated to the researcher, historian, encyclopaedist and the folklorist Ibrahim Hoxha and the sculptor Idriz Balani, the author in writing uses the monographic narration, with simple style, but unravel and dynamic, revealing page after page the titanic intellectual and human greatness and the efforts, and why not, heroic efforts of Ibrahim Hoxha, the cursed man by the regime, who with work and extremely human efforts overcame the deprivations, discriminations, scorn, unemployment and poverty, he succeeded to create the opus of his deed with many values. Despite the qualities and the individual character inherited by the family he was given this force by the affection and dedication for Chameria and national issue. After this narration the reader remains surprised and with multiplied esteem and appreciation for this personality of Chameria. With such warm and esteeming notes is presented also the creator of many sculptural deeds, Idriz Balani.
Maybe it must have been said since the very begging that the Cham writer and activist, Shefki Hysa, for the sake of relations, fellowship and personal friendship with Mr. Paulin Rranzi, has given to Chameria and Chams another friend. Not an ordinary friend but a creator and activist, a missionary of peace which is the aspiration of everyone from us who have experienced the horrors of the war. This healthy friendship has already given its fruits which are reflected in this publication. From ten writings in total that has the book with 170 pages; six titles which make quite one hundred pages are dedicated to Chameria. The author handles the Cham cause and issue as an inherent, evident and actual problem that seeks solution and that this community has all the right in its side. He handles Cham issue through experiencing the pain for the unprecedented genocide, human remorse for the sufferings and afflictions this community suffered, with the dedication of the missionary of peace and he embed this sensation in the reader’s mind and heart, as a memory which should not be ruined, as a personal experience of the afflictions and sufferings that Chameria suffered, without reason, but just because they were Albanians! In the book Chameria is a linking leitmotif, it is elsewhere, even when there is talked about Dr. Rugova, even about for the Mandela of Balkans, Pjetër Arbnori and some more when is talked about personalities who are sons of this region.
In the elaboration of the political platform of the two parties which were joined together later on to form PDIU, a new political formation, qualitatively more prominent and more representative and worldwide spectrum, the author fully reveals the way and the work for the resolution of this cause. Making this program known for the reader, in a certain way are put under responsibility the political leaders of this formation for the obligation of implementing it, but also as a permanent commitment toward their electorate which is going to appreciate them under this base.
Even though there is not a special handling about Bilal Xhaferri, the prominent figure of the Albanian anticommunist dissident intellectual, he is present and appears as a far in the time obscurity in which he lived. The writer Shefki Hysa was dedicated to this son of Chameria not only by giving back from America his bones to rest in homeland, but also as a sequential of his patriot and political will through the publishing of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing” (Krahu i Shqiponjës).
In the end, I cannot let without mentioning that the author, despite the unravel style in function of elaborating the figure of every personality, is distinguished for the usage of the literary language, with correctness and wealthy lexicon that make the reading fluent and more pleasant.
The book “Personalities – Missionaries of Peace” (Personalitete – Misionarë të Paqes), is an achievement of the author Paulin Rranzi. I believe that as the first swallow, it will be followed by other books in service of peace and the prosperity of our nation.

Prof. Dr. Resmi Osmani

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The model of future intellectual

The Ambassador Lekë Mandreja

Lekë Ndue Mandreja was born in Rrëshen on 31 August 1959. He comes by a family with patriotic traditions. He spent his childhood on his birthplace, was grown up fed with the best traditions of the refractory Mirdita region during centuries from all kinds of invaders. He finished his primary school, 8-year school and high school in his birthplace. His father, Ndue Mandreja, educated for military art, was fired from his job by the communist dictatorship structures in 1955 for political reasons as great-grandson of the first assistant of the king Ahmet Zogu and since that time he worked in different mining of the country. Leka, after carried out the job experience, 12 months worker at Spaç mining, in 1978 started university studies in Institute of Agriculture of Kamza for Forest Engineering. After finishing university, he was appointed as a specialist in the forest enterprise of Mirdita.
In 1985 he made his postgraduate studies in the field of forests.
In 1987 he made his postgraduate studies in the field of city decoration, to be acquainted and to grow up decorative flowers.
In 1990 was appointed director of the Communal Enterprise Dwellings of Mirdita.
In 1993 was elected placeman of the Party Liberal Democratic Union in Mirdita.
In 1995 he emigrated in Italy with the desire to have a better living.
In 1996, Lekë Mandreja got married and together with his wife they have a son, who was born on 1 March 1997, in the second year of their marriage. His wife has the university degree, graduated for economy – finance – bank and has carried out some different post graduating courses.
In 2007 Lekë Mandreja came back from emigration and was appointed director of the Directory of Forest Service in Rrëshen, since June 2010.
Currently, he is engaged in business with the desire to strengthen his own family economy and to help somehow as a patriot Albanian economy.
Lekë Mandreja is not just an ardent patriot, but also an intellectual devoted toward democratic processes and the economic development of Albania.
He writes and publishes different articles with social problematic and critic writings for art and literature as well.
In 2011, Leka entered in the best collaborators’ queues of the prestigious American-Albanian magazine “Eagle’s Wing” (Krahu i Shqiponjë). Now he is one of the most experienced journalists in the field of protecting human rights. He is one of the most dedicated activists of Chameria Cultural Community.
By nature Lekë Mandreja is an idealist missionary dedicated toward world peace and he tries hard to affect somehow for the construction of a legal state in Albania under the standards of American democracy. Leka is charitable as well. He tries to help social layers in need.
As an intellectual in pursuit the excellence in human and for his nature as charitable missionary, Lekë Mandreja joined in 1012 the staff of the international lobbying organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity to contribute even more alongside the Peace warriors. He is now one of the most determined activists in protecting civil human rights everywhere in the world. Lekë Mandreja is vice chairman and Goodwill Ambassador of this mission which lobbies for Peace in the Balkans and World, offering to the developing countries the model of American democracy as the best model for peace and prosperity.

Endri Hysa

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Kosova – The Example of Peace in Balkans

17 February 2012. The Republic of Kosova celebrated the 4th anniversary of Independence. It celebrated in Prishtina, and in Tirana as well. The Kosova’s Embassy in Tirana organized the celebrations in the environments of Sheraton Hotel. Kosova celebrated in the heart of mother land, in the heart of Albania. There participated the most senior politicians and officials of Kosova and Albania. There participated also the representatives of the diplomatic corpus.
Four years of independence from Serbia. Kosova in these 4 years told the world how the peace can be constructed and kept in a problematic region like Balkans.
Excerpted by force from mother land since in 1913, in hundred years under Serbian dominion, Kosova proportioned the patience and wisdom for the sake of Peace, an element of the gen of Albanian man and, leaded by legendary leaders like the wise President Ibrahim Rugova, Gandhi of Balkans, it resisted to the assimilation, saved its Albanian blood.
Kosova, with the determination of wars – heroes as Adem Jashari, faced the Serbian genocide. Kosova, with the wisdom and diplomacy of young leaders as Hashim Thaçi and Hajredin Kuçi, won the sympathy of USA, UN and world opinion and made its Independence a true fact on 17 February 2008. It fought and won under the observation of international opinion without sacrificing the principles of Peace. The peaceful Kosova quietly challenged the aggressive Serbia and won. It won the right to govern, won the Independence the same as one hundred years before…
17 February 2012. Kosova – The Example of Peace in Balkans celebrated together with its friends in the heart of Albania, the mother land. The Kosova of Peace told the World how the Peace can be won and protected in front of the most powerful aggressors as Serbia. Kosova and its children is an ideal model for all world warriors of Peace.

Dr. Shefki Hysa

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The Vice Prime Minister of Kosova and Dr. Shefki Hysa

Mr. Hajredin Kuçi, Vice Prime Minister of Kosova and Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity

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The Ambassador of Kosova and Dr. Shefki Hysa

Mr. Gani Veselaj, Ambassador of Kosova in Tirana and Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity

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